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Best Products for Winter Skin: Weleda Skin Food pumpkin seed oil pomegranate seed oil jojoba oil

I grew up in sunny, warm, Florida. I rarely needed to use a moisturizer. In fact, I’m not sure I even owned one. However, now that I live in Jack Frost’s neck of the woods, my skin dries, cracks, and flakes in the winter. By January, it’s like sand in a desert. Even my best oil moisturizers cannot keep up, so I was delighted to discover Weleda Skin Food two years ago, courtesy of YouTube.

I decided to give it a try. I was initially put off (it has the viscosity of engine oil and molasses), but I quickly fell in love with it when winter hit. It is thick, nourishing, and breaks down into a smooth, buttery cream you’ll love.

This cream is easily mixed with oil, if you want to adjust its thickness and heaviness. A few drops of jojoba oil will thin it out. If heavy creams cause you breakouts, you might want to mix in a dime-sized amount of jojoba oil instead.

If you enjoy the cream’s natural heaviness but find it too sticky, try mixing in pumpkin seed oil or pomegranate seed oil. Pumpkin seed oil offers your skin essential fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, and zinc, which help heal damaged skin. Pomegranate seed oil feels like a warm balm when applied to the face. It is largely made up of punicic acid, which reduces inflammation and helps skin maintain moisture and repair itself. Pomegranate seed oil pulls double duty by also helping to prevent sun damage and promoting the production of collagen.

I apply Skin Food every day with a few drops of jojoba oil underneath my mineral sunscreen. In the worst of winter, I also wear it at night with pumpkin seed oil . It keeps my face hydrated and I cannot recommend it enough to those with dry skin. If you give it a try, leave me a comment and let me know how it goes!

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