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Do you ever feel like your skin is a wild card? Like, one day it has two new pimples, the next day it is dry and flaky, and the day after, it is an oil slick, and you cannot get it under control? We’ve all been there.

While we cannot totally control how our skin acts, there are paths to improvement. Your best bet for radiant skin is committing to a strict, consistent regimen that targets each of your skincare concerns. Allow me to introduce the Radiant Regimen. It has four corners: acne, aging, hydration, and nutrition and is designed to keep your skin at its best. Today we will cover the first corner, acne. I’ve included the products I recommend, but feel free to use your own favorites!

1. Acne

A. Cleanser

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Controlling acne starts with cleansing. For radiant skin, I recommend using a daily cleanser that has minimal chemicals. It is up to you whether you cleanse in the morning and at night, or just at night before you go to bed. Over-cleansing can cause dryness, so if you are experiencing dry skin, consider limiting your cleansing to before bed.

Cetaphil is a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types. It does not contain unnecessary chemicals, and it won’t leave skin dry and tight after using. Take one pump of the cleanser and apply it to damp skin. Rub it in using small, circular motions and rinse with warm water.

In addition, exfoliating a few times a week is essential to get rid of dead skin and scrub off dry flakes. I know I talk about this exfoliating scrub all the time, but that’s because it is so extraordinary and fun to use. Charcoal has a negative electric charge, which binds with positively charged toxins to pull them out of the skin. Sugar is a gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin baby-soft. Your skin will be radiant and glowing after using this scrub.

If that’s not your thing, there are lots of other options. Natural scrubs are easy and cheap to make, or you can use an exfoliating pad with your regular cleanser. If you prefer a store-bought cleanser, you can find St. Ives in most grocery and drugstores.

Retinols are another option; they are chemical exfoliants that kill dead skin, leaving your skin radiant. You can get a prescription-strength product from a doctor, but lower-strength retinol products are available in drugstores.

B. Prevention

If your skin is acne-prone, you need to be doing something daily to prevent breakouts. Essential oils are fiercely powerful substances; their small molecular size allows them to penetrate deeply into the skin tissues, rather than just sitting on the skin’s surface. Some essential oils are antibacterial and antifungal, and also have healing properties. Others can aid in collagen production and are full of antioxidants.

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Essential oils were a gamechanger in my acne journey. To make my favorite oil cleanser, fill a small jar with jojoba oil and add 10 drops of manuka oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of rosemary oil, and stir until just combined. To use, pour a tiny amount in your palm and rub it into your skin. Give it a few moments to saturate. Tah-da! You’ve just nourished your skin and given it the resources to keep breakouts at bay. (Check out Oil and Acne to learn more!)

If oils aren’t for you, I recommend something from Paula’s Choice. You may also want to talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for a topical antibiotic gel like Clindamycin.

C. Spot Treatment

OK, so you’ve applied a prevention ointment to your skin that will help prevent breakouts, but you need to bring in the big guns to deal with the ones you already have. This is where spot treating comes in. Your best options are potent essential oils that kill bacteria and promote healing. For swollen or inflamed acne, level up this treatment by dabbing a tiny bit of bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar on it after you’ve applied the essential oils. Let it sit overnight.

If your acne is severe and causes scarring, a better option for you may be the ClearZit Masque from T-Secret in Orlando, Florida. It is a spot treatment sent by the gods, and I’ve never found anything better in 15 years of searching. The ClearZit Masque contains manuka and tea tree oils, jojoba oil, zinc oxide, hamamelis, camphor, and grain alcohol.

Let me know if this regimen works for you!

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