The older I get, the more prominent the dark circles beneath my eyes become. I hate them! They age me by five years, and I am already thirty-three, so that’s not cool. In an effort to combat them I dove into the research to determine their causes, as well as the most effective treatments and concealers. Here’s what I found about how to get rid of dark under-eye circles.

Causes of Dark Circles

There is no single cause of dark under-eye circles. Aging, fatigue, and allergies are some of the leading culprits, but they can also be caused by eczema, sun exposure, or heredity. That may make them seem inevitable, and to some degree, that is probably true. However, there are many paths to improvement. And, if all else fails, there are concealers out there that are so good they will make you forget you ever had dark under-eye circles!


Out of the common causes of dark under-eye circles, aging, fatigue, and sun exposure are the ones we have the most control over. While we cannot completely stop or reverse aging, we can slow it down by wearing sunscreen, getting enough sleep, using topical anti-aging skincare products (like an age-defying cleanser), and consuming a healthy diet.

In searching for the best topical treatment to get rid of dark under-eye circles I tried 10+ creams, serums, and oils. There were two clear winners: Andalou Natural Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream (applied at night) and Leven Rose’s Coffee Eye Lift Cream (applied in the morning).

Containing fruit stem cells, Vitamin C, purple carrot, and sunflower oil, Andalou’s luminous night cream is rich, creamy, and it soaks fully into the skin. It earned points for its quick turnaround time; after a week or so the skin under my eyes was brighter, smoother, and lighter. After a month, my dark circles were significantly less noticeable. I will definitely purchase this again.

I also loved Leven Rose’s coffee eye lift cream. For starters, it smells like coffee, and the caffeine perks up the skin upon application. It kept my skin moist all day long, and I noticed my dark circles began lightening up after two weeks or so. It also reduced puffiness, which was a great bonus. The cream has the consistency of a primer and sits well under makeup. I cannot recommend it enough to get rid of dark under-eye circles!


If treatment is unsuccessful, or if you are waiting for the product to start working, you can easily conceal dark under-eye circles with bareMinerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Medium Concealer. This concealer is damn-near magic and my absolute favorite; one layer covers my dark circles completely. It does not clump or flake off, and it lasts all day. It also covers redness and acne and provides a skin-like texture. While it is a little pricey for a concealer, it is a worthwhile investment in your skincare and makeup arsenal.

Give these products a try to get rid of under-eye circles and let me know how you like them!

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